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To My Mother

Once as we were talking I spoke up
And I told you I was different.
I was angry and afraid
And I think that I was cruel.
I was hurt deep down inside
Because you didn't seem to hear me
When I told you I was different.
That is why I exploded
So harshly it made you cry.
I never meant to hurt
You, or to make you feel ashamed of
Me, and I know you sometimes feel as
If you have somehow failed me.
But that could never be true.
I am me, I am happy
That way. Know I could not try to be
Otherwise and be true to myself.
You raised me and you taught me
To think, to be for myself.
You raised a real live person
You should be so proud of all you've done
I know you love me as I do you.
I know we are not the same.
But somehow, I think we are.
I am my motherís daughter.

Kim Shultz
September 28, 2000


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