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To Be Or Not To Be

To be or not to be
To tell or not to tell.
Whether to contradict
The words they know so well.

They know how you were raised
They know what you were told.
They think that you believe
The same stories of old.

But you know how you feel.
You know what you believe.
You know that they are wrong.
You don't wish to deceive.

Just how do you tell them
You don't believe their God?
Should you tell them at all?
What if they think you're odd?

It's the question we face.
An atheist's own test.
Whether and when to tell
You're different than the rest.

Each must meet this question
With their personal tools.
I believe that only
Honesty is the rule.

But should you choose to keep
Your feelings deep inside
Be sure that you feel good
About that which you hide.

Kim Shultz
July 25, 2001


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