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Guest Essay Submission

So you're a writer too? Wonderful! I'd love to have the work of many various people here on this site. All I ask is that you keep a few things in mind.

1.  Is your essay focused on positive thought?

2.  Does your essay focus on education about atheism and/or freethought?

3.  If not educational, does it focus on helping atheists and nonbelievers with their lives and/or problems?

4.  Essays focusing on your personal experiences are 100% okay, so long as the essay does not bash any group of people.

5.  Is the essay complete, in that it answers all questions it asks?

6.  Is the spelling correct, and the grammar at least fairly good?

If you still feel comfortable submitting your essay, having read the suggestions above, please fill out the form below. I do ask that you fill out the entire form, so I won't have to e-mail you with different questions if the essay is accepted. I will respond to everyone who submits an essay.

Your name (whatever you want listed with the essay)

E-mail address

Would you like your e-mail address listed?
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Name of your web site (if you have one, and would like it linked)

URL of your website (if you have one, and would like it linked)

The date the essay was written (for copyright)

What is the name of your essay?

A description of your essay (20 words or less)

Enter the text of your essay here (you can go ahead and insert html code if it is necessary for links, italics, bolding, or underlining if you know how).



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