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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time
When I was young and new
Once upon a time
'Twas easy to love you.

When I was so blind
When I could not see
The world just as it is
Not as I wished it to be.

Once upon a time
I thought that you were here
Once upon a time
And it all seemed so clear.

Times they always change
Once can never last
And now I see the truth
And I have replaced my past.

Once upon a time
Now will never win
Once upon a time
Truth was not my friend.

Now I see it all
I know how to live
See how much I can bear
I see just what life can give.

Once upon a time
I threw away faith
Once upon a time
I embraced the change.

Fairy tale that was
Can't change truth that is
Once seemed so sweet to me
But with once past, I can live.

Kim Shultz
July 9, 1999


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