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Atheism is a world-view, a philosophy chosen by individuals to best describe their views of how the world is. The most basic definition is that of an atheist as a non-believer, specifically in god(s) or in the supernatural. For more basic definitions of the words used in this section, you should view the Frequently Asked Questions section.

This is really the heart of Kimmy's Atheist Site. These writings describe atheism and atheists. I feature essays meant to help atheists as individuals, and to help theists understand us as such. The guest's essays section features the thoughts of friends and site visitors. The poetry section reveals the emotions of atheism, both of being an atheist and of becoming one. These are, of course, my emotions only, but I have been told they mirror others.

The rants section is for letting off steam about what in our society is either unhelpful to or flat out against atheists and other non-believers. This is a theist dominated society, at least in the USA, and it can be upsetting. Speaking of feeling alone, there are brief biographies of famous atheists, with links to further information to help people understand the impact that atheists have had on society.

The links section will help you with further research in areas of interest to atheists, and to others. The shopping page will lead you to my own store for upbeat atheist merchandise, as well as providing links to other options.

I hope that you will enjoy what you find here, or that it will at least make you think. Feel free to come back at any time, as the site is always changing.



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