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Being an atheist, a nonbeliever, can be very difficult. We abandon the teachings of the religious society around us, perhaps that given us by beloved parents or teachers. As a result we are forced to find our own ways of dealing with life. How shall we meet and greet tragedy, or joy? What is right and wrong? What is it that we believe, and how are we to act on it? Hopefully these essays (and all of those to follow) will help atheists to cope with the world we find ourselves in. And maybe any theists that read these words will understand a little bit better what life is like on the other side. As always, be aware that I claim no authority other than that of life and thought. Please send any comments or suggestions on my work to [email protected], or visit my guestbook. Enjoy!





An Agnostic & An Atheist

An explanation for a certain, often misunderstood, branch of atheist thought.


An Atheist's Christmas

Can an atheist really celebrate Christmas? How, and why?


Another Kind of Closet

A how-to for telling your loved ones about your views, and dealing with it once you have


An Alternative Philosophy

An introduction to the basics of atheism and atheists. The who, what, and some of the why


The Atheist's Task

My views on atheism in the new century, and goals for peace.


Coping With Grief and Loss

A few words on how to cope with life's tougher moments without calling on a higher power


Nothing Wrong at Home

Why atheist's families are not to blame for their atheism, and why it's nothing to be ashamed of.


Positive Atheism

Atheism has a negative perception among much of our society, but what can we do to combat that?


Questions & Answers

What are the answers to life's greatest questions, if you're an atheist, agnostic, or other non-believer?


Sit Down & Shut Up, Or Not

Should atheists be active in their communities, or in atheist organizations? And why?


Strange Bedfellows

Atheist and believer relationships: the obstacles and some of the answers

Added 09-26-02

Studying Belief

Why would atheists study belief and religion? Have they anything to gain?


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