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National Day of Prayer

"As a nation, bend your knees,"
They say, "It's time to pray."
But since I do not believe,
Who shall I speak to today?

This is no Christian nation
Unless you claim, my friend,
That the deists, Muslims, Jews,
And co. are Christian within.

This country does not belong
To you, and not to me.
Our country was founded to
Be a free plurality.

So now our officials must
Be brave and stand up tall
They were elected not to
Speak just for one, but for all.

Not to take the part of one
And throw the rest aside.
We have made all men equal
Or at the least, we have tried.

It is time for all of us
To stand up and say, "No!"
This Day of Prayer is no way
For a free country to go.

Religion from government
Is divisive, it's true.
Atheists and agnostics,
We deserve their respect too.

Kim Cole
April 29, 2002


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