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Here you will find mini-biographies of famous atheists, agnostics, and other free-thinkers in alphabetical order. Some are deceased, some are still living, and all are interesting. I will provide for you the basic information of their lives and doings, but I won't leave you hanging. I also provide links to the resources I used for research, websites for further research, and links to purchase books both by and about the famous person. The newest biographies have a small spiral graphic next to them.

I'm going to try to keep this list varied by including philosophers, authors, actors, singers, and all types of people. If you have someone specific you would like me to profile, please let me know and I will see what I can do.




Barker, Clive

Hume, David Added March 27, 2002

Brando, Marlon

Marlowe, Christopher

I want to extend a special thanks for the two websites that gave me a place to start with my research. These are meticulously maintained listings, and would make a good bookmark site for anyone even slightly interested in the doings of free-thinkers of various stripes.

Famous Dead Non-Theists -- A listing of famous non-theists going back to ancient Greece. Each name has, at minimum, some brief introductory material.

The Celebrity Atheist List -- A listing of living atheists, agnostics, and some who are uncertain. Each listing contains a quote from an article, interview, or other published work indicating the person's beliefs, and in some cases links to other sites.


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