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Battle Strategy

What does it mean
when I say I disbelieve
and you say you do too?
Is that a bond
that has been forged between us,
or just coincidence?
Do I love you
and treat you like my brother
no matter who you are?

We're outnumbered
here in the U.S. of A;
we should stick together.
Life can be hard
when you have such bad PR,
and there's work to be done.
But if you look
beyond the disbelief, we
have nothing in common.

So here we are,
comrades in arms, fighting here,
made two strange bedfellows.
We try to show
a solid front to the world,
uniqueness put aside.
We should embrace
things that make us different,
else our true point is lost.

We disbelieve,
but we believe in ourselves
and we are not afraid.
See, I was wrong,
because you are my brother
as much as any man.
We should unite
not just with disbelievers
but with those who are free.

Belief is not
the key; freedom to be real
is what unites our cause.
Freedom to think.
to make our own decisions;
that is a worthy goal.
And now I know
that I have many brothers
and sisters beside me.

Kim L. Cole
July 17, 2003


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