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They Keep Asking Me

"Do you believe in God above?
You know he is a god of love!"
"Do you believe in angels, then?
Watching over the world of men?"

"Do you worship the fallen one?
The Devil by whom hell is run?"
"Or the evil demon hosts?
The hordes who oppose heaven's goals?"

"You believe in the I.P.U.?
She's pink and watches all of you!"
With Her helpers, hairy dwarves,
Who do only Her will, not yours."

"Do you worship sun, rain or leaves?
There must be something you believe!"
No one can live without some faith!
Admit it now, stay in your place!"

I beg them again to please, please can it.
I tell them I'm an atheist, damn it!

Kim Shultz
April 15, 1999

Note: I.P.U. stands for Invisible Pink Unicorn, which is an analogy used to discuss how atheists view god

Click here to view this poem as published in Shades of Gray
in association with and Watermark Press


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