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All navigational graphics, page heading graphics, and backgrounds on this site are © to Kim Cole of Kimmy's Atheist Site. This does not include the graphics created using the features of ACME Labs. Graphics used for linking to other sites are © by their owners, and are used with permission. This includes the book and movie cover graphics found in my book review and essays sections, which are used as part of my association with Amazon, and are linked to that site. No graphics found on this site may be used without permission by their owners. This site has been wholly hand coded by Kim Cole (me) and I request that this coding not be stolen. If you have a question or a request, please e-mail me. Kimmy's Atheist Site strives to abide by all current copyright laws, and asks its visitors to please do the same.

Kimmy's Atheist Site was created by viewing it in Internet Explorer 6, at 800 x 600 resolution, with 32-bit color on a 15" screen. However, this site is viewable in various versions of both Internet Explorer and Netscape (6.0 and above), at 1024 x 768, at different color settings, and on different monitor sizes. If you discover a browser or setting which my site is imperfectly viewable on, please feel free to contact me. Be aware that some advanced CSS coding used means this site will render in a very strange way on certain older browsers.

I want to say a great big "Thank you!" to everyone who has helped me to create this site, and to be who and what I am. My online presence owes a lot to the very kind people who took time out of their lives and their hobbies to help me, with no regard for what they would get in return.

However, there are a few special people who deserve an extra mention because of the sheer time and effort involved in helping me (listed in alphabetical order, so nobody get upset).

John Etling

He has been tireless in helping me with my site, suggesting small changes, and encouraging me to learn more at every turn. Not only that, but he was kind enough to donate the awards graphics previously in use with my awards program with no thought of compensation. He is the html coder and manager of Everything You Need to Know About the Giant Panda©, which houses the Panda's Pride Awards Program®.; A visit to his site will always be a rewarding experience.

Maggi Norris

A wonderful friend and a great webmistress, she has been invaluable in the creation of previous versions of Kimmy's Atheist Site. With a quiet suggestion here and there, a critical but friendly eye, and unfailing enthusiasm and belief in my abilities, she has shaped my site as much as me. Maggi's accomplishments are many, and a visit to her site, Nem 5 will show you a lot of her talent. It will also give you links to other websites she has created. Maggi is also the current Manager of CEM.

Jef Peace

A man of responsibility with a great sense of humor, he has offered advice, critiques, and above all else, unfailing support to me during the creation of Kimmy's Atheist Site. We belong to several of the same organizations. Jef is Director of Services at Award Sites!, and maintains his own website (with awards program), PeaceWork. With all of this interaction, he and I have become good friends.


This lovely woman has been my inspiration, my friend, and my help since I first opened my website way back in February of 1999. Through a few incarnations of my site, her graphics were a mainstay.

Ellen Wilson

This Lady has been a help to me in so many ways. Her words of encouragement pick me up at every turn, and her suggestions always lead to improvements. One of the great in the world of award giving, she is not the slightest bit shy about sharing her knowledge, or helping folks in any way she can. She is the webmistress of 3 Moons Castle, which is a wonderful place to go for help with writing or site design.


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