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This basic introduction to the web mistress of Kimmy's Atheist Site should help explain some of why this website exists. It will also help give an origin to some of my viewpoints.Texas License Plate

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas (and I am justifiably proud of that fact), and moved to a town near Oklahoma City when I was a sophomore in high school. One of my distinguishing characteristics (besides my entrancing charm, bewitching beauty, unfailing intelligence, complete humility, and obvious ability to use a thesaurus) is that I am a dedicated atheist. Let me tell you why.

I was raised Southern Baptist. However, after about my eleventh or twelfth year, I was no longer comfortable amongst them. The problem, at least with the Southern Baptists I was raised with, is that they tended to be extremely close-minded and not a little bit racist. They rejected and condemned anything even the slightest bit different from them, and that offended me on a personal level. (Please note I am not attempting to characterize all S.B.'s, only those I knew) I was raised in a religious family, and for a long time all my friends were religious. It never occurred to me that some people might not have a religion. Also, the people who harbored a real belief in god seemed to be happy. So I studied (and often tried) each branch of the Protestant church I could find, two brands of catholic, and even dabbled in paganism, spiritualism, and pure Wiccan. I even tried the holy rollers (a.k.a. Assembly of God). But I could never feel it, inside. I never heard any "still small voice" or felt any "hand of god" or any of the other things the religionists talk about.

So, finding that I seemed to lack any faith, I began to take a good hard look at religion. And I discovered that much of it didn't make any sense to me (or to others). The bible is full of contradictions, and things which (historically) just didn't happen. Science took the shine off of Genesis, and the god of the old testament, who proclaimed himself to be vengeful and jealous, didn't appeal to me anymore anyway. Some of the statements attributed to Jesus in the new testament were worth thinking about, but many were not. When I looked at religion with an open eye, I found that it wasn't the home of peace and happiness I had thought it was.

And when I started to think for myself, to imagine that my destiny was in my own hands and my decisions were my own, then I started to feel a sense of peace. I started to be happy. Because I knew I could be myself, as I really was, and I could still be a good and moral person. I didn't need a god to tell me what to do, or when, or how. I could do what I needed, what I wanted to do, which was to be a good person and to make those around me happy. I also wanted to make myself happy. And now I am. I am twenty-two, and have been an atheist since age sixteen.

Well, let's qualify that. I am what is known as an agnostic atheist. This is not always a widely known term, and requires some explanation, so I have created an entire essay to deal with just this question. You may read An Agnostic and An Atheist, if you're interested. The essay is also in my essays section. It's still basically the same as a normal atheist, so don't think this somehow makes me more open to being preached to or converted. It doesn't. It only means I don't make claims I can't support. During the summer of 1995 I moved to Oklahoma, and I have been part of the Oklahoma Atheists since its founding.Oklahoma License Plate

There are many thing I enjoy in life, besides winning a good religious debate. I love to read (I have over 600 books in nearly every category), love music (over 100 CDs of various types), and adore movies (over 200 movies of differing genres). I love museums, the ballet, and the theater. I spent five years in speech and drama, also five on a community swim team. I like people with open minds, strong brains, and a willingness to speak out and defend their views.

Mrs. Cole I was married to a sweet Christian Republican on August 11, 2001 (we had a secular ceremony performed by a Christian preacher). Despite a slight fear of committment, I'm really very happy to be married. Our relationship has only gotten better. We had dated for two years, and lived together for a year before getting married, and so far neither one of us has successfully converted the other. Of course, neither one of us has been trying, either. *grin* We base our relationship on respect, love and trust.

Personal Preference Web DesignDuring the day I work at the University of Central Oklahoma, in a secretarial capacity. I also run a small web design business, Personal Preference Web Design, where I specialize in personal websites.

I admire integrity, intelligence, and an open mind and heart. I believe it is very important for the believers and the non-believers to be able to find some common ground. I don't want to convert the world to atheism. I also don't want people trying to convert me. I think that we all need to find a way to happily co-exist without one group of us unduly annoying the others. I think that with wisdom and tolerance, we can find a way to all share the same world. That said, I also want to note that I am strongly pro choice, and that I am all for the complete separation of church and state.

I also built and maintain a website called Walking the Night and one called A Book Lover's Book Reviews. I'm working on adding a companion site to that last, appropriately called A Movie Lover's Movie Reviews.

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