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August 1, 2003

Ask Kimmy

Well, the column is off to a fairly nice start. I've had a few good questions that I've answered, and I hope I've helped some people out. You can read all of the letters for July in the July 03 archive, but here's a brief summary of the problems.

The Conversation Dodger met a great guy, but couldn't tell when or how to confess her atheism. Grieving in Cali lost her dad, and wanted to know how to deal with the pain now and how to deal with the grief that she will have to face in the future. Finally, Friend of the Groom is the best man in a Catholic wedding and wants to know what he should say in his speech to the bride and groom.

Read the answers to all of these questions, and keep an eye out for new ones as they appear. Also, please be sure to read the rules before submitting. It's very important, for your protection and for mine.


Random Inklings

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of an online journal, also known as a weblog or a blog. Well, I've started one as a new part of Kimmy's Atheist Site called Random Inklings. It's not all about atheism (although that topic will, naturally, come up). Rather, it's about the things I think about, the thoughts that go through my head, and the issues that are important to me. The word "atheist" doesn't describe everything that a person is, and this blog is a chance to explore some of the rest. Keep an eye on the daily postings, and feel free to use the comments section to respond to anything that interests you.



Perhaps the smallest of the things I've done this month was to add a new poem. I was thinking about the different people I meet while working in my own slight way as an atheist activist. I was thinking, in particular, that there are some of these people that I just plain don't like, whether they're on my side or not. Anyway, out of that thinking grew the poem, Battle Strategy. I hope you'll like it.



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See you next month!


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