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April 23, 2004

To The Editor:

We are once again heading for that shameless period in America when we must bare witness to lies, rhetoric, and posturing. Yes, it is soon time to elect our president. And, of course I don't vote having given up the practice as useless long ago. That should not dissuade those of you whom do vote from exercising your rights.

My thougts here are not concerned with the voting, but with the candidates. My question is which one will use religion and/or God as a platform first. Generally, I believe the first to use this type of emotional manipulation is generally the one who is most unctous, the most seemly. Clinton was good at such behavior. I shall never forget when the truth came out about his many lies and the stained dress, he made a point of being photographed in church and telling anyone who would listen that he was seeking counsel from his pastor. He should have been seeking counsel a lot sooner.

My vote is for George Bush to use the religion card first. If he does, he will win. It makes one wonder if God really cares about Bush or Kerry. You would think that God has better things to do. But, one of these chumps has got to win and you can bet that the best religion manipulator will be our next president.

Alan Paine


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