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This area of the site will function just like the letters to the editor in any newspaper or magazine. You can comment on essays or other writings found here, you can argue with positions taken by me or other visitors, or you can comment on whatever issues in the world catch your eye. I want this to be a really open area, where you can say whatever you think.

I will publish letters that are both for and against atheists or atheist issues, provided that the letters are not profane and that they do not advocate violence or mindless hate. Occasionally, your letter may need to be edited for length, but I will try to keep that to a minimum. Likewise, I will occasionally respond to letters if it seems necessary, but I will leave the majority of the responding to the visitors.

Using the menu on the left you can view the newest question, the questions for the current month, or (once one has accumulated) you will be able to view archives which are arranged by year and then by month. Please remember, you must read the "Rules/Terms" section before submitting a letter. This is for your protection as much as mine.



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