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11 April 2004

And here we are in the merry month of April. My, but the time is going quickly, isn't it? I swear it was just March. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Just been really busy with a lot of different things. I'm almost ready to start my screenplay, my book review site is blossoming well (I've started receiving review copies of books from authors and publicists to review), and in general things have just been humming along. I'm happy.

Well, not everything's humming. Still no new job. Many interviews, but no new job. The Oklahoma job market is competitive to say the least. Still, I guess I can't complain. My job is good, although it doesn't pay enough, and it's more than some folks have. The hubby's about to start a shift that's more compatible to actually seeing each other occasionally, and that's good too.

Things go well on the atheist front, also. I've been getting some good questions for the Ask Kimmy column (check it out, if you're interested), and I continue to receive good feedback on the site. Just wish I could get a little more input for the site from all the folks that I know are visiting. Guess you can't have everything.

If you're interested in atheism in the news, you might want to check out the coverage on Newdow and the Supreme Court case about having "under God" in the pledge. By all accounts Newdow did very well in representing himself. It only remains to see what the justices will decide. There are a lot of folks (lawyers and such, who should know) saying that they think the law is actually on Newdow's side with this, but even they're not sure what the decision will be. Expect to see a new addition to the rant section soon that talks a bit about some of the public reaction to the case. I've begun to get annoyed by some folks, as you'll see.

Anyway, that's how things stand in the great state of Kimmy. As always, I am very open to guest essays, letters to the editor, questions for the advice column, and any and all suggestions as to how to make the site a better place. I'm hoping to add some people to the sadly lagging biography section, just as soon as I can find the time to do the research. I had some research already done, but I'm afraid it's been permanently lost. My fault for letting it go so long. Keep watching the site, and I'll keep writing.

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