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12 March 2004

Okay, it's March, and Kimmy is still looking for a new job. Man, I knew the job market in Oklahoma was tough, but I didn't realize it was this tough. I've got a phone interview on Tuesday, so wish me luck with that. It's not like I'm out of work and I'll starve if I don't get a job, but yeesh! The bills pile up faster than the paychecks come in, and that's enough of an issue for me. I hope this doesn't go on for much longer.

On the lighter side, my diet is going well, and so is my prep work on my screenplay. I should be ready to start writing by late March or early April, depending on how long it takes me to plot the sucker and get comfortable with the medium. I'm excited.

On the atheist front, the Oklahoma Atheists group has been very busy in the last few months, and promises to be just as busy for the next few. Hop on over to the site if you're interested in how this group has helped to change the National Day of Prayer proclomation and activities here in the great state of Oklahoma. I may have founded the group, but they are so beyond me now. It's a great thing to see.

Also, I'm still looking for guest essays for the Writings section, and Letters to the Editor. I can't believe none of you people have anything to say to me, or to each other, or to the public at large. I know y'all are very intelligent people with great thoughts on your minds, so please don't be afraid to put them out there for everyone to see.

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