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28 January 2004

As you can see by looking at the top menu, I've decided to go ahead and add the Letters to the Editor section. Since I've only just uploaded it, I have no letters as yet. But please, feel free to be the first (or second, or twenty-third) to send your letters in. I'm really looking forward to getting this up and running as a fully functioning section of the site. I know it will be a big hit. At least, I hope so.

In other news, because its function is now more or less redundant, I will be removing the guestbook from the site. Just as well. Editing out the porn ads was getting somewhat tiresome. Now you can just comment here, or send a letter to the editor. Either way, folks should be able to have their say about pretty much anything they want. Here's hoping, right?

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09 January 2004

In site news, I'm still considering the "Letters to the Editor" section of the site. I think it would be a great addition, if I could get enough participation. That's the bit I'm not quite sure about. Hence my still mulling it over. I'll come to a decision, eventually. *grin*

In non-site news, Kimmy needs a new job. No, I haven't been fired. But I did just get news of my raise for this year, and it's so abysmal as to be insulting. So I'm on the prowl for something that either pays a lot better, or has a shorter job description. I don't mind doing the work, mind you, I just want to be paid what the work is actually worth. I don't think that's too very much to ask.

So, in this entry's plea to the populace, I say that if you know of any good secretarial work in the OKC or Edmond area, feel free to drop me a line. I'm working all the web jobsites pretty hard, and finding any other avenues I can, but everyone always says you get the best jobs from personal recommendations. Remember: the more money I make, the better it is for this website (for one thing, I'll be able to afford to keep paying the hosting costs *grin*).

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