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18 December 2003

Well, I think it's become sort of obvious that this blog is going to be somewhat sporadic, no? That's okay. I don't mind if you don't. Actually, I've been toying with ideas of different things that might replace the blog. I've been trying to think of more ways to allow people to participate a little bit in the site. I have my guest essays, of course. Which, I might add, is very sadly empty. The few submissions I have had didn't really match the spirit of the site. Please, folks, read the submission requirements before sending me an essay. It's just easier for everyone.

I've tried a message board and it just didn't work out very well. It turned into more of an opportunity for spam and strange people to entertain themselves than anything else. Which, while funny in its own right, doesn't really advance the cause of the site. Another thought of mine was some sort of sign in place, where people could make a quick statement of where they were from. I guess I had something in mind along the lines of Bravenet's guest map, but I don't want to use theirs. If I can come up with something on my own I might do that.

I guess what I'm wanting is some way for the site's visitors to connect with each other. The advice column (which is getting back up and running, btw) is one way for that to happen. Message boards are usually good, but for some reason didn't work well in this parcitular case.

I wonder if people would respond to a sort of "Letters to the Editor" section? It could function much the same as they do in newspapers. People could write in to respond to articles on the site, items in the news, or letters sent in by other visitors. Hmmmm. That might be a good idea. Please feel free to leave a comment here in the blog if you have a thought on the subject. Also, if you do comment, let me know if you would prefer the new feature to function along with the blog, or instead of it. Thanks!

Also, before I forget, let me remind everyone that this is the perfect time of year to take a look at my An Atheist's Christmas essay. It might give you something to think about, at any rate. Also before I forget, a special holiday greeting just for those who like to celebrate something other than Christmas:

*****Graphic removed after the holidays - look for it again next year*****

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