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10 September 2003

Yesterday was my twenty-fourth birthday. Who'd have thought, hmmm? In some ways it feels very odd to think of myself as older, and in other ways it's only the most natural thing. Does anyone else feel this disconnected from their own age? At least it means I'm one year closer to no longer being mistaken for a student at work. And, as my daddy always says, birthdays are certainly better than the alternative.

It just seems like part of my brain expects time to stand still, and is surprised by time passing and my growing older. I mean, I've been married for two years already. On October 10th I'll have my second anniversary here at work as well. Time is, indeed, passing. I suppose it's my more childish side that expects things to always stay the same, and it's that same part of me that's never been good at adapting to change. It took me forever to feel like I was really grown-up enough to be married, or to have my own place.

Daddy says that the older you get, the more quickly time passes. I'm beginning to believe he's right. I know I'm not all that old yet, but it does seem like the last year passed more quickly than the one before it. And where did the summer go? Some of the grocery stores already have Halloween candy out, and it's been Christmas at Hobby Lobby for a month or two already. It won't be more than a blink before I'm getting out the tree and decorations, it seems like. Who knows. Maybe as I get older, the pace will seem more normal. I hope so.

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