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31 July 2003

Trying to force yourself to be creative is like trying to . . . think of a good analogy when your brain is mush because you didn't get enough sleep last night. *sigh* I have all these things that I'd like to do, but my brain won't cooperate. I may have to make getting at least eight hours of sleep a new major priority. I used to be able to function on a lot less (and fairly well, too). But either my standards for functioning have gone up, or my ability to get by on little sleep has gone down. Either way, this isn't working. Problem being my hubby has a late shift, and if I go to bed too early I don't get to talk to him. Hopefully they'll do a new shift bid soon and he'll have some different hours. In the meantime, I'll just have to struggle on as best I can. *grin* At least the day job doesn't require much in the way of actual thought. *grin*

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30 July 2003 is arguably one of the most diviersified shopping sites on the net. They're wonderful for buying books, movies, music, whatever. But that doesn't mean they can't drive me nuts. I have an Associate account with them, and I link from three of my sites. Most prominently, I link from my book review site. No surprise there.

But they keep changing things in the process required to get what I need to link, and that is really starting to bug me. And yet I stay. Why? Sadly, it is namely because Barnes and Noble has overcompressed images for their book cover images and everyone else (Borders, Waldenbooks) is affiliated with Amazon. Oh well. It's an extra step or two for me, but still convenient for my customers. That's good, right?

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29 July 2003

It's official, I'm back to writing. I'm not going to hog the whole blog with things about my work, though. You'll probably be able to tell when I finally publish something by the "I Sold It!" in giant blinking letters across the whole screen. *grin* For those interested, Holly Lisle is probably the best site for writers I've ever come across.

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Dreams are funny things, aren't they? The goals you have when you're a kid are often forgetten when you grow up. But what about the ones that aren't? Do you follow them? What if you fail? How do you know when you've failed? How do you know when you should keep trying?

I'm thinking about returning to writing again. Not just non-fiction, which I do pretty much non-stop for the various websites. But fiction in the form of stories. Or maybe screenplays. I've been reading about screenplays recently, and there are certainly some stories I'd like to tell that would do well in the medium. Trying to write professionally is a huge emotional risk. But maybe not trying is worse.

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I had an interesting experience last night. I went to a Home Decorations party. Think Tupperware party, but with home accessories and assorted knick-knacks instead. Not normally my type of thing, but sometimes when your mom asks you to go (and she's just helped you pick up your car from the repair place), you say yes. The party itself wasn't bad. Not my favorite activity and I didn't know anybody but Mom, but some of the things were nice.

The interesting part of the evening actually had to do with my briefcase. I bought it from my own shop (see the Shopping section; although the briefcase itself has been discontinued, there are other bags) and it says "Friendly Atheist" on it. Not in huge letters, just a small section on the front. I leaned it up against a chair when I first came in, next to Mom's purse. Then we went into the kitchen to help distribute cake and drinks. I came back and sat down, and about half an hour later I realized that somebody had turned the bag so that the words faced against the chair.

So I'm wondering: why? Did anybody actually think that would change anything? Or was it just deemed too offensive for the small children scampering around? It's kind of amusing. I didn't say anything, since I don't know who did it, but I did turn the bag back around.

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28 July 2003

Okay, welcome to my brand-new blog. It occurred to me today that I get a great deal of pleasure reading certain people's blogs. That's not because they are on any one topic, or because they happen to be great experts about things. Rather, it's because they are interesting people with interesting thoughts running through their heads at different times.

So that's what you'll get here. Just whatever thought happens to be running through my head when I feel like making a post. Sometimes it will be profound, sometimes funny, and other times it may just be odd. I make no promises, but I think you'll enjoy it.

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