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There are a few things you'll need to know. First, I am not a therapist, a lawyer or any other kind of licensed expert. I am just an out-of-the-closet open atheist who has learned to deal with how atheism impacts every aspect of my life. I have a religious family, religious friends, religious co-workers and supervisors and a religious husband. So I've gained a few insights over time. I can't promise miracle answers (and how odd it would be if I did), but I can give you my own personal opinion of any given situation. The worst case scenerio is that you'll think I'm wrong and ignore me. The best case is that I might help you and whoever else is reading along.

Now, just a few rules for submission.

  1. Use aliases for yourself and anyone else mentioned in the letter. No real names are allowed. We're not trying to embarrass anyone here. I will not publish or answer any letter without an alias. From now on, I will not assign aliases to letters myself.

  2. Please, use decent grammer. No chat usages, like U for you or 2 for to or too. I'm looking at a lot of letters, and the easier they are to read the better.

  3. By sending the letter you agree that I can publish it here in the column, along with my response. I may need to edit your letter for length, language or anything else that doesn't fit a family friendly site. But I promise to leave as much in as I can.

  4. No letters from kids under thirteen. That would give me problems with legalities in the United States. See my privacy statement for details.

That's all you really need to know. Send your letters to [email protected] and I'll make with the answers. I look forward to hearing from you.


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