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This is a weekly advice column for atheists with questions and problems sent in by atheists. I get a lot of email related to this site, and it's amazing how much of it is people needing help. Or maybe it's not so amazing. America is not the kindest place for atheists. We're vastly outnumbered, often ridiculed and frequently looked down upon even by those we care about. It's understandable that a few questions and problems might crop up.

Since people seem to trust my thoughts on these matters, I thought: why not put up a place for atheists to read about, sympathize with and benefit from the situations that other atheists go through every day? Thus, the "Ask Kimmy" column was born. The frequency of the updates may increase from weekly in the future if the flow of incoming messages seems to warrent it.

Using the menu on the left you can view the newest question, the questions for the current month, or you can view archives which are arranged by year and then by month. Please remember, you must read the "Rules/Terms" section before submitting a question or taking anything I say to heart. This is for your protection as much as mine.

Remember, I will now only answer questions that come in through "Ask Kimmy." Naturally, the FAQ is still functioning, but that's for questions about the site or about me. The questions I refer to now are the ones about you, the visitor. This column is meant to be a resource for everyone who visits the site, and I can't do that if I hide half of the questions from them. The use of an alias will protect you, and I promise that I will not beat up on you. I may tell you that I think you're wrong, but I'm not Dr. Laura or Rush Limbaugh.

I will never try to make you look stupid for asking a question or having a problem. I've done enough dumb things in my life that I'm in no position to be pointing fingers. The good news is you can ask questions about anything you want my opinion on - it doesn't have to be strictly atheist stuff. This column is also open to those who have atheists in their lives. No questions about how to change their minds, please, only about how to help them or to improve your relationship with them.



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