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December 2003


I have just been recently introduced to philosophy and atheism, and I really enjoy both. But sometimes these two views on life clash and I hate picking between the two. Could you please send me some information that shows that philosophy and atheism can both be apart of my life in harmony? Thank you!

Fancy Lady

Dear Fancy Lady:

Actually, this is a very interesting question. The reason for that is that I've never had anyone imply to me that philosophy and atheism really contradicted each other much. I work at a university, and so far as I can tell our Humanities/Philosophy department seems to consist mostly of non-Christians. At the very least, they seem to be religion skeptical.

Since I am probably not the best person to get into the specifics on this (not having studied very much philosophy myself, although I've read quite a bit), I thought I'd see if I couldn't find some nice informed folks to help you out. There are several links here that might help. This page has a list of philosophers with their religious beliefs; some are atheists and reading their works might help as well. Finally, this list of books from Prometheus Books (an excellent publishing company) should give you a few books to look at.

I hope that this is all of some help to you. If you still feel confused, I would recommend going to one of the several discussion boards listed on my links page and joining in there. Many of them have resident philosophy experts who would be able to guide you through specific questions or confusions (or at least be able to help you find your own way). Good luck to you, and I hope you find a way to make it all work.


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